Saturday, January 13, 2007

So hear this nah...
I have been getting this pain in my last molar on the right side, so I did the right thing and ignored it. After awhile I brushing my teeth, I saw blood so one time I went by the dentist. Apparently the bacteria surrounding my root canal on that tooth never went away so now I am faced with a dilema. I must take anti biotics (yes during Carnival) and go back in 6 weeks. If this does not clear up after I take the anti biotics, I am going to have to go thru dental surgery.
The thing is, I took vacation from Monday coming for two weeks to lime, chill out and hit a Bago before things get to full swing. I was real saying I could meet the boys and become reaquainted with Uncle Johnny and prolly some Stag (A man's beer).
Being a devoted Royalian, I looking to head QRC Outta De Blue. Last year drinks run like water. Now here is this dentist telling me well you know you cant have any alcohol right.
My FIRST fete for the season and I have to sip on LLB while everyone else enjoying their alcoholic beverages...
PLUS meh woman out of the country so I could go here there and everywhere and WAG out..

I mean yeah it would be good that I dont have to go and do oral surgery but what is the fun of having a sober carnival.
You know what that means too... it means I would end up driving to all the events for this week and having to see men drink so much that they vomiting and then put them in my car, worry about reaching home before they up chuck in my car...

this sucks... but its only for 5 days... I am sure things could be worse... but for right now I dont see the light at the end of the tunnel... *SIGH*


Monday, December 11, 2006

Don't no one expect a christmas gift.....

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

So hear this nah!

In all this sneaking and planning this surprise that is, according to Diva's blog, 144 Days away, I began telling my muse, you sure you want to plan mas without me? That's real selfish and what am I supposed to do for those two days?

She didnt take it well. She said by I begged you to plan and you're not interested... It was a serious guilt trip for her but I was laughing on my end, very well knowing the plan I hatched looked even more interesting.

So I home and my brethren come to check me, first question out of his mouth is I hear she call Mika and say you dont want her to play, but my partner end up letting Mika in on the plan. So yuh know first thing this morning I said, you didnt tell me you called Mika and complained... she was surprised I knew and then started to laugh it off.

Realisation: Those two are getting too close lol

Wha ah go do dred?

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

I have to have the worst motivation for playing mas.

For the past two years, my brethrens have tornmented me and taunted me about playing. "It go be real fun boy!! Doe study the money it go be worth it... Real woman wining up on yuh!!!'
Somehow I have been able to brace all of them.

Last year I spent it at home watching tv.

Now, she says she wants to play, and at first I held my own. I was determined not to play.
She still was going to play and would mention casually how nice it would be for me to play with her.
So yes, I caved. I am a sweetheart. I have decided that I shall play.

She does not know anything, infact not many people know I am going to play.
I have decided to wait until Carnival Monday morning to tell her I am playing.

Who am I playing with? Well if you havent guessed it yet, I am playing in the same section that she is playing in.

My decision was crystal clear.

Island People :s
Cactai to be specific :s

Even as I am confident in my decision, I see rims, music, mods for my car going down the drain. But it would make her happy... so

Wha ah go do dred?